Tuesday, March 19, 2013

price dilemma on handmade supplies

umm yeah so i've been making supplies lately. Because i get an idea to make something, i end up making my "thing that i need" and then i realize it's too this and that and then i end up listing it in my supply shop. Then a whole lot of wave of other ideas storm out of my brain and i list them. The question is pricing. Sometimes i feel like i'm underpricing and ruining other people's price setting. I don't want to be the jerk selling enamelled metal strips for $3.00 when everybody else sells them for $8.00. It's not what i'm trying to do, it just comes from getting an idea and then not believing it's good enough so then i price it and then come across something similar someone else did that's priced higher and i'm thinking...HMM!!! well i need to bump mine up too!

anyway...been busy making cocoons...and now fairy pods. If they end up with more glitter, it HAS to be a fairy pod. hehe

...then i thought, well this looks lovely, but what if someone wants this polymer clay awesomeness but they don't want it as a chrysalis? so then i ended up making beads...

i really like these ones

...and then...........i ended up making earring post bezel cups made from reclaimed tin.

..some with enamel!!!!! this was  actually part of something my AWESOME brain told me to do between the hours of 2am and 3am...because my brain's a jerk and it doesn't like me. Please also refer to photo below of other ways my brain sabotages my awesomeness.....

umm..the end...i need to go back to doing nothing.......filling my mind up with useless tv shows and drinking tea.you know i really thought that i'd get away with not getting that seasonal depression this year but nope! here it is. tired of the gray. tired of pushing my ISO to 3200 just to get some proper light photos. Tired of the snow and tired of slush. UUGGHH!!!

i hear birds but...it's cold outside :(


  1. Thanks so much for your visit and comment about “my hummingbird”...I live in California with lots of sunshine and still get depressed....you learn to live with it and yes sometimes tv and tea are the way out of it...
    I’ve been eyeing your beautiful pods and i’m too cheap i always think i can make my own...whata dope.

    xxx love all you do. cynthia

  2. I just realized reading this post that you're the one behind 4ophelia too! I love the chrysalids! Do you sleep sometimes? how can you manage all this productivity? I'm just envious because I'm so slow...
    By the way, thank you for your coment on my blog, and nice guess... I live in France

  3. Cynthia- thank you :)

    Lucie-hehe well to be honest right now i've chosen to only focus on my jewelry making and my supplies shop.


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