Wednesday, April 17, 2013


winter and spring have been battling it out for the past few weeks and i think's time to stop being a sore loser and back out gracefully. You'll get your chance again in a few months.

Last year, things were already in bloom by this time. But now..the trees and bushes barely have any buds. I love seeing buds.

On the bike path, dogs are taking their humans out for walks. Teasing me. Because I've been looking for a dog for the longest time and i just can't decide. Little?? Small?? What if i pick the wrong one? What if i end up with a yappy one? Or one that can't stand still??? DECISIONS!! Picking out a new pet is very stressful.

umm last night i finished up my moss resin cabs.


Thank goodness i made 2 pairs cos one of the wires broke today because i twisted it too much. I was so excited to list these earrings i almost cried. But like i said cab pair #2 to the rescue.


I also made some more crop circles earrings. They're just so much fun. I love green patina.


I'm trying to make these snow globe things with glow in the dark glitter. So far..not how i imagined it. But they do glow in the dark...just they don't have that cartoony Disney effect i was looking for. TV lies :(


I don't know why that bigger one is getting cloudy. hmm...i kinda like it. I was thinking maybe the pyrite bits are getting rusty, but the other bottle has them too and it's still clear. The smaller bottle i put more glitter at the top and it shines better.
this is my new photo studio setting. Eat your heart out old job where i had no windows in my photo studio..



  1. Your crop circles earrings are fab!!! Love your blog, too :)
    xo J xo

  2. those moss resin cabochons are brilliant - tutorial? i tried making cabochons with a propane torch once. it didn`t work out.

    as for the pet issue, dogs are wonderful but it`s too unbearable when they leave you.

  3. Hi there...just found your blog. Your moss resin cabs are amazing! As are the crop circles. Fun. :)

  4. Nusquam...with a propane torch?! how? i was going to make some tutorials for my supplies shop but by the time i have that ready here's the quick version....

    i soldered some strips of nickel to make the bezel part then i taped the bezel to clear tape. sticky part up, you stick the bezel onto it. Make sure it sticks all around or the resin will drip out. Then prepare the resin(i got mine from Michael's) and pour a little bit in the bezel cup very carefully, then push the moss in. 24 hours later if you want the cabs to be bubblier, add more resin at the top. hope this helps?

  5. Hello, just recently discovered your blog. Funny, in my personal opinion, you are an engineer, - an art jewelry engineer that is. It takes engineer "brain cells" to figure out and implement a design that is both functional and beautiful at the same time. How else would you be able to create, analyze and work out any kinks w/o the abilities of some kind of engineering skills - either taught or naturally gifted? So, next time someone makes a comment, simply say "I am an engineer, a creative artistic jewelry engineer and I would not have it any other way!!!!" Hopefully your family will come to this realization soon. Blessings to you!:)

  6. I love the way you are continually experimenting and putting your own twist on your inspirations


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