Sunday, March 9, 2014

bouquet of flowers

not sure what those should be called...but they remind me of macaroons. Oh i LOVE macaroons... these are my FAVORITES!! sometimes it's hard to know what will come out..even though i set up my colours before working with them, the glass is bright orange when i work with it and it's a great surprise to see the final result of colours. These were a light translucent peach pink with a transparent pink with opaque olive green speckles. Getting better at pulling the teardrop headpin shapes.

 Water Lilies

I have flowers on my brain. Only March and after being pulverized by a horrid winter, one can only dream of speckly colours of tiny summer flowers. Summertime is all dotted with light pink and purple wildflowers all over the side of the highways. Late spring is just nature smells and that lavender flower smell.

These headpins were inspired by the painting "Water lilies" by Monet. It's all blue and purple with impressionist dots of colour.

  Tulips - translucent cherry red and blue with olive green dots. I LOVE the way that olive green works with those translucent colours. It reminds me of tulips
Sunflowers - they are one of my favorite summer flower. They are so great and i love to see them in the fields. These headpins are ywllow with white and transparent very light purple. The way the transparent purple was set, you can see inside the headpin and you can see the way the yellow looks INSIDE the pin. It's real neat!

Hope you enjoy the burst of colour :D


  1. Love those peachy ones! Yum.

  2. They are all beautiful, but the macaroons are my favs too. I could eat them!


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