Sunday, January 6, 2013

work in progress

i had so much to say this morning. soooo much!! and now, my eyes and my head are burnt out from interruption of impromptu accidental mini adventure to find my friend who came to pick up the lovely furries i was babysitting over the holidays, and then hair washing.

(i think i want more green hair. I want mermaid hair........which coincidentally falls in place with my new limited edition series idea)

anyway...just finishing up some of my silver sheet that i had. Made some non oxidized rings. leaving those nice pure silver. All shiny and all that.

 (lookit my awesomely manicured hands...BAHAHAH....)


 Not sure what to stick to...oxidized or non oxidized. Personally i like that old weathered look. I like anything rusty and all but some ladies prefer their jewelry all shiny and silvery. And the painting Jasper....OMG i LOVE that rock...i think will do better cleaned up as opposed to oxidized. HMM!!

Then i cut up and rearranged some of the boys' hoodies that i snatched up to refashion.
check it out! i put zippers on the side of the seams!

this hood makes me happy!!!! Something more colourful for the more daring boys out there. Although this can also be worn by a girl....

SO TIRED!! i'm typing out, thinking other things, and the words that get typed have no relation to anything i'm thinking or wanting to say.

side i the only one who ever thinks that she never has enough tools? domes and disc cutters...DRILLS!!!!! sigh..when will it end?!?!
at least with painting, it would only go as far as different shades of colours.

i think it's time for bed..

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  1. love the rings! i'll have to go back and look at some oxidized ones. bet they are just as beaut. the hoodies are fun too. cheers!


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