Friday, January 11, 2013

badass hoodies in the making's so hard to blog regularly. One, because i hate explaining myself or my work........not cos i don't want to but being an only child, i'm kinda socially awkward and i forget people want to COMMUNICATE!

i only talk to the voices in my head. True story.bahahaaaa

so yeah...

working on some super badass men's hoodies. With all kinds of things boys like. I think boys like a lot of dangly things on their clothes. Zippers and spikes and all that. And ima give it all to them!! There's zippers coming out of everything in the new hoodies. YUP! And cos apparently i hate eating or ever having money, i ended up splurging on art supplies a store that SOOOO overcharges...but i finally got my silk screen stuff and am putting some awesomeness onto my hoodies. Simple geometric designs, because the hoodies are already so embellished that there's no need to make it crazy.

IMG_2617 (2)

IMG_2618 (2)

GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT!!! omg the raver kids are gonna go nuts!!!! :D teeheee!!!

and then there's this thing here...a crazy embellished sleeve!!! inspiration came from the internet and trying to give it a little twist...

AAAAND here comes a rant.

Listen folks...i pride myself as an artist. art is the only thing i can say "yup! i'm GREAT at that!" When you're an only child, art and animals is all you got. And my mind developed, my ideas developed...when i was a kid i made doll's clothes. Very fancy doll's clothes. Everybody gave me scraps and i had this vintage bag full of threads and needles and all kinds of cuttings for my dolls to make them stuff out of.

Yeah i was the only 5 year old allowed to play with needles and knives and hammers! haha

back to it bothers me to see so many copies of artists on etsy. I LOVE etsy. I think it's great. A lot of awesomely creative people make a living through there and i LOVE it!! But i see so many copies. and you can always tell who the copy is.

Ok i'm not saying the STYLE is a copy. no no. It's straight up COPY! like SAME SAME SAME! come on!! how do you call yourself an ARTIST?? get inspired. Create something NEW. it's about expression and pushing yourself further, no?? NO???

blah i dunno sometimes i get upset....

ok happy thoughts....


my boy got me power tolls for xmas. POWER TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel like running around and putting holes in EVERYTHING!!!


  1. So glad I found your blog. Great to see what you're up to and the excitement of your process. Very cool ideas on the hoodies!

  2. thank you :D

    i've added your blog to my list :)


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