Saturday, January 12, 2013


today i realized that spring weather must've taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up Canada. Because it's nice and warm...and some squirrel keeps trying to enter my apartment to burrow things in my potted plants. I have giant windows with giant potted plants sitting at the windows and these squirrels seem to thing their treasures are better off safe in my plants. Except...there's one problem...the invisible force field that is...the WINDOW!

This one time this squirrel kept banging in the window with her giant biscuit cos she couldn't get in. heheh silly little plump hairball!

but today i had the balcony door open and one almost got in! eep!

anyway...let the fashion show begin. Boys gather up because this is mostly for you! or unless you're a girl and want to snatch any of these up if they fit the measurements...

reconstructed hoodies


this one here is one of the simple ones that i made but this time i cut up the sides and made a zipper insert.'s cool... mens large hoodie


This one is a little experiment. I've been trying to add silkscreen to a few of my designs and this is my first attempt. The chevrons glow in the dark. That last picture, you can sort of see how it glows green a little bit. I'm sure it's also UV reflective.
This hoodie has a double hood...with fleece lining so that it's warmer.

extra large


large mens or unisex blue hoodie with fleece lined giant hood.
recycled from a bunch of different things


saved this one for last. This is probably one of my favorites so far. It's so hard to find bright items of clothing at the men's department and this was just pure luck!

i added zippers on the side again, but these you can open and unzip. Both ways. just for fun.
size extra large

there's another one i'm working on with a funky sleeve and more silkscreen but it's not finished and i just HAD to list these ones cos i couldn't contain myself.

yay! :)

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