Sunday, January 13, 2013

The failed zombie mermaid series starter

Working on this "fantasy dress" series that is essentially inspired by Gibbous fashions. Look it up! It's friggin BRILLIANT work! I do believe she uses remnants of fabrics and i've been using mine to make cuffs so i started this new series called "goth zombie mermaids", to make use for bigger strips of remnants.

When i start and idea it takes a while to develop it and i don't want to create an exact copy of my inspiration either. I'm happy with what came out... Even though in no way goth or zombie themed. Mermaid yes. Drunken fairy on acid... DEFINITELY!!!!

Also craving fresh flowers and nature. I love nature. And flowers have always been my inspiration in my work.

So here tis the beginning of the dress series.

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