Tuesday, January 15, 2013

girl crush

well....not so much girl crush as a severely painful need to have these clothes sucked up by my eyeballs just so that they're in my brain forever. I LOVE these clothes. I mentioned this in my post below that this is a huge inspiration for me for some new series. But i just had to share the pictures myself

Source: flickr.com via Sarah on Pinterest

i pretty much want to be one of those stitches and live in those clothes forever!

gibbous fashions

in other news....i think i've decided to split up my shop. I think i should split the silver jewlery and the men's clothes away from all the girly randomness. I have a few male customers and am sure they would just like to only browse through boys' stuff only.
hmm........once i get my awesome model to model the men's hoodies then i'll split things up with a new shop. Would also like to make pants and get on that silkscreen boy's tshirt ideas.

ARGH!! so many ideas!!!!!!! head will EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wish i had minions to do all my work >:D

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