Sunday, January 27, 2013

closet cleaning

here's what's been going on here case you're all confused about the disappearance of some items from my main shop Garden Dub on etsy.

Basically i like to make things. I've always liked making things. Etsy is a great way to show people all over the world what i make, BUT my main shop, as awesome as it has become, hosts a LOT of randomness. GREAT awesome randomness, but when it's all piled up into one pile of laundry, it gets a b it confusing.

SO i decided to split things up.

There's now a handmade reconstructed men's clothing only shop MINUS THE CIRCLE


There's a strictly rusty tribal jewelry goodness shop now...NEARLY LOST


there'll be a fancy sterling silver jewelry only shop..

and then the main shop. Hmm...i'm not sure if i forgot anything...BUT...yeah...that is what was happening...

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