Wednesday, January 30, 2013

fluffy bunnies and swearing

I realize that perhaps i haven't been the most cheery happy person lately. And if you follow my twitter, which i FORCE myself to update, to keep people entertained and whatnot(cos you gotta sign up for all kinds of shit when you have an online business....apparently...)...has been all full of rants and bitching and yeah yeah, it's not the best energy to attract people. But SOMETIMES, you just gotta let go and embrace the anger and tell whoever if up there to just piss off because there's only so much you can take! HAHAH

seriously, they say god or whoever never gives you more than you can handle, but come on. It's getting real close to my limit and i just want it to stop.

Been reading this book lately..written by one of my favorite rock stars. I know, i'm a big giant dork lol but these are the people i look up to. So naturally yes, i would buy his book.
Anyways,  it just says that feeling all emotions is healthier than being quiet and patient and calm. You NEED to FEEL.


Feel it all.

There's a time and place for everything. I'm generally a really happy person but when the time comes, it's time to vent. hahah
ugh here i am tainting my blog with randomness but..... emotion feeds art and it needs to be said and talked about.

Anyway people....don't be afraid to speak up and release your emotions. Through shouting, art, song, poetry, whatever. Do it.
If you're going through a bad time, happy time, whatever it is, just release that energy or it clogs up and it manifests in other way. sickness or passive aggressive nonsense.

AAAAAnd my coffee's done :(
a friend suggested to just go in my kitchen and break some plates and scream. lol but then i'll scare my cat and i don't want to do that. My way of release is through art and badly written poetry. I might share one day.

onto happy stuff now...happy colourful stuff....

in spite of the fact that my start of the year has been shit, my jewelry has been colourful and fun.

been waiting to use these pretty colourful beads for a long time, and finally i found their match.  Used some lace scraps and then dyed them with tea and then  after i oxidized my steel i rubbed everything with Renaissance wax, which made everything look even more grimey and delicious looking. I like how the green beads stand alone all sparkly. Then i made some handmade 22 ga earwires. Hammered them and shaped them up and stuff...should make some for my supplies shop i think.....

Enamel goodness!!! these brass plates had been sitting around on my table for a long time. I used them and then took them apart and then finally, last night they became these beautiful enamelled brass plates...with heat oxide. I like how brass and nickel get this beautiful oxidization from heat(cos i use my torch on a lot of stuff). I like fire....

And THESE....are my favorite!!!!! LOVE how the little enamel nickel chips came out. I was merely experimenting with my enamel sample kit(which had stupid colours to begin with....70% of them look the same so why bother...) ...and then my white and cobalt blue came out to resemble broken china bits. LOVE!!! I hope a lucky person gets them. They are lovely.

and then i got a little too happy with putting enamel on everything so i made a few plates for earrings or necklaces...whatever you decided to use them for...and listed them in my supplies shop

by far, turquoise enamel is my favorite


(....aaaand SOLD!! yay me)

.......but then i discovered cobalt blue on white, and it looks like painted china tea cups. Which makes me real happy for some reason...


And since today is the 30th, another day until my custom hoodie you can still enter for a chance to get a free custom made hoodie made by ME! :D check out this link

i'll try to be less grumpy and write more happy happy posts next time :D


  1. That enamel has some poppin' good color. So satisfying isn't it? And they make such wonderful components for your designs. These are some lovely earrings for sure!
    Yeah, I think I've been doing more than my share of whining lately and I haven't even gone over to twitter yet.

  2. yes! i love enamel. I want to get some pinks and oranges next time :D

    ps. glad i'm not the only whiner in the blogosphere hehe


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