Saturday, February 2, 2013

work rant and the impending doom of ...firedom...

I don't think i've ever been this angry/restless after a work week ever before. It's usually friday, go home, and the annoying head noises are gone. But nope! not today. I can't even focus on my sewing......which lately is surely a reflection of my head monsters.

basically i work with little children. Ok no i don't. I work with an individual who is older than me but with every single assumption that i wronged her, cos i'm so malicious(truly, i am not..), she goes and tattle tales on me to the big boss. And it causes problems. Why? because it's my word against hers and she's a two faced little gremlin and she could basically end up getting me fired solely based on the fact that "i hate her".

Let me tell you the issue here...i never ever hated her. I tried many many times to make her feel included and liked(i don't see why that's my don't have to be BFF with everybody you work with...) and in spite of all my efforts she still keeps saying i hate her.

I have had ENOUGH!!!! ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!!! stop! stop being a child!

so basically last week i was told that there's been issues again(translate to "whiny complaints" against me cos i didn't talk to her one day or something like that) and the boss has pretty much said, without even giving me a chance to say my piece, that unless our relationship improves, to not be surprised but i'm gonna have to be let go.....based on how this dumb twat feels our friendship is going.

Yes. now i hate you. I don't see the point in playing nice with people who give you bitch faces and force a smile when you walk past them and say hello. And this wouldn't be the first time someone gets fired because she didn't feel like they connected.
see?? i work with children!

well....i can already see where this is at least if i get fired, i hope to at least get the satisfaction of yelling at her. At least give them a reason to fire me.

my year's been shit ever since it started and things have been crumbling one by one and would not be surprised if this too crumbles. And quite frankly i don't give a damn. It'll just be a wakeup call to focus on my clothing and jewelry. Fire me! i'm so ready!

i'm generally a happy respectful person and it takes a LOT to make me this upset....a LOT...but i've reached my limit, and there will be no regrets to raise my voice next time i get talked down to happens. Some people have a complex and if you think everybody hates you, that's YOUR issue, nothing that i'm responsible for fixing. It's YOUR life!!!

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