Sunday, February 3, 2013

hoodie giveaway winner

winner to my custom hoodie giveaway......below.........first you gotta READ! mwahahha

words of wisdom...never do laundry on sunday. All 7 washing machines and dryers will be taken. Maybe this is god's way of punishing me for doing laundry on the Sabbath. yawn. I don't mind doing laundry at 3am you know? i got plenty of time! BAHAHA hehe

i made a cool vest...because fabric and beads have all accumulated in my place and i am not buying any new stuff until i literally have no more supplies. I ended up cutting up a bunch of pants and made a tattered up vest. And put a bunch of studs on it.
umm well i just wanted to make some sort of post apocalyptic jacket with things i had laying around.


and i've been playing around with resin and some crystal thingies that i thought were much bigger..but aren't. So i didn't quite know what to do.


filled up a bunch of shells and made some tin cups and filled them up and ...we shall see where that goes...Not sure if the resin will hold up in that coral piece there...but it fit perfectly with this walnut shell that i had sitting around for ages. Just kinda makes sense the way it looks right now.,..

Untitled the giveaway to my custom hoodie is

all the names written up....

the choice i selected...


yay!! Fanci is the winner :D

i will have another giveaway soon!! SOON :D i like giveaways :D


  1. That was Congrats TO Fanci! Sometimes my fingers are faster than my brain all I envision is tp~toiletpaper ;)...


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