Tuesday, February 5, 2013

simpleness and the rebel squirrell

i know i risk sounding like a total self absorbed high class artist(..what is that anyways??!!) but man! i'm SO PROUD of my latest 3 pairs of earrings.

I've been kinda emerging myself into my work, while also eating crap and feeling like shit because of eating crap, because in the past month, what could've gone wrong with my life, actually went wrong. I'll spare you the details but let me show you what i made!

a while ago Fanciful was making these amazing rings with crystal bits and resin and i was all WOOAAHHHH that is amazing!! ...and a few weeks later i ended up ordering these crystal bits off etsy to use for metalsmithing..thinking they'd be 4" long or something, i thought they're make some awesome silver rings with raw points on them. WRONG! i got them and they were teeny tiny raw goodness nonetheless, but way too small to put into a bezel setting...so.....
I ended up getting the brilliant idea(ok not really...) to make some tin cups and lay my crystals in them with resin and make them into earrings.
...and then i made these awesome long hammered earwires from silver wire...cos lately i've been obsessed with non conventional earwires. I love the round ones and the extra long ones...that sort of remind me of inset antennae....

...speaking of insects...i recently found this wing i found on the ground that i stored away and never used. Well i found it and i dipped it in resin and made a resin wing. And then i took a pair of earrings i made last year that never sold..maybe cos they were UGLYYY.......and took them apart and reconstructed them and i made fairy earrings. By the way, when it sets properly, green patina is the coolest thing ever!

 Then i made more tin cups for some garnet chips i also had laying around. I should really check the descriptions more carefully cos i keep ending up with tiny bits of raw gemstones!

umm yeah...working on something else...some woodland fairy type jewelry madness.

the end.


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