Thursday, February 21, 2013

this sun hurts my eyes...

..the sun hurts my eyes because 5 minutes of being outside your eyeballs are pretty much frozen shut from the cold. So you just gotta blink real fast.

No i don't live in the north pole. Or Siberia. Ok it's almost March, please let's get this together nature and let's see some of the one digits above freezing temperature in the next few days. Even if it's just 1 or 2 degrees Celcius. Please. MMkk???

So yesterday was actually a pretty awesome day. Even more so that i no longer have to go to work and deal with little children of the late 30's variety. I managed to score some awesome packing envelopes from the postal office because they were overstock or something like that and they were nice thick cardboard and i got 20 of them for $6 or so. Then i hit the fabric store and got my hands on some jersey knits. I don't know what's going on with the fabric store. The jersey knits are very limited. But at least this year, there's more variety than the past few years.

Waiting for them to go on sale and take home more.

And yesterday........ i made my first ever sale in my NearlyLost tribal/rusty/primitive jewelry shop ever!! My favorite ever piece sold. I was happy that it was one of the first to go. I'm of course speaking about this:


And this brings me to my resin addiction that's been growing and growing...

And also my enamel obsession. I love enameling. EVERYTHING!! Enamel on tin is just great.


One of my tin boxes that i bought had these feet and i used those as a focal point in these pieces. With white enamel. And of course i didn't torch the enamel properly so that it gives this sort of uneven texture.

yesterday i mentioned making some stuff that then i realized looks a lot like this other artist's work.
These are some of the bangles with the weird metal that i cut up and hammered to create some loops and things


again, i don't know how she made hers or if she used the same source for her work...but hopefully i can use these pieces and try to NOT make them look so alike so that there's no confusion. But it's hard.....


Now i gotta go finish some dresses from yesterday.......and hopefully have a photo session at the end of the week


  1. Congratulations on your sale! I think when we're learning techniques you can help but emulate your inspiration in some way. Don't worry, your spirit and style will come shining through as you master and evolve. You've got the right attitude. And I know that feeling of when you have people look at your work you don't want then to say, Oh, did so and so make this? Steering away from that is the right direction and just you realizing it and making your pieces your own is important but it's inevitable that bits of other's flavors can emerge in the process. I doubt anyone will accuse you of copying!

  2. That first sentence should have read influences rather than inspiration ( although that kind of works too in this case)
    And one other thing many shops do you have!

  3. hehehe i have a few. I had the idea that since i make so much randomness it would be best to split it up. But............i think i might cut off the wedding accessory stuff. It's real slow....


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