Friday, February 22, 2013

i made awesomeness

sometimes i make things and then end up not knowing what to do with it. Soooo............uhhh today i discovered the awesomeness that is........translucent polymer clay....

behold.......creepy grossness that is also awesome and i hope it will end up in someone's art piece...will list in my supplies shop, so just click on the pic.....if you want....or scroll down real fast...if it's too creepy..umm.....


so gross.......haha..i mean who'd want maggot looking beads in their work?!?! WHO?? awesome people that's who!!
this is what happens when i discover something new to play with but have no idea what to do with it...

yeah. this isn't the end. there's more. With sparkles. Awesomeness, no?? :D

my inspiration...???!!Ai fink so :D


  1. They do have that chrysalis pre-birth kind of translucency that I associate with science books from childhood. I think they are fascinating and I could see designing with them but I do agree they could exhibit an eww factor too. The bottom ones with the shell points are the most awesome and I really think you must continue experimenting in this vein.
    Maggoty or not, I agree in your assessment of awesomeness .

  2. yeah they have to be used in a proper way.

    i think i'll see what shells i got that can go into this experiment. I think i should add some colour. I didn't know what to take when i was getting the transparent one


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