Saturday, February 23, 2013

gold. gold leaf. and my hair. that hasn't been gold leafed yet..

IT'S RED AGAIN!!!!!!!! yay me.

red dye and i have a love/hate relationship. Why can't it last more than 5 washes?!?! WHY??


so i've been starting to do this to my pictures...cos.......uhhh.............i guess i was having a lazy day and i wanted to play with layers on PS. Not sure if it "works" or not....gotta stand out somehow...

the box i used to cut these up from had this interesting faded gold design on it. I think it had seen better days, so i had the BRILLIANT idea to use gold leaf that finally came in the mail. leafing is the most addictive thing in the universe. Ok second to tattoos. HAHA. umm cheaper tho.

these were cut up from this pyramid box of Toblerone candies that i got for Xmas. For myself. They were supposed to be for my secret Santa but...i ended up keeping them. Cos i'm a greedy chocolate thief that way.


These earrings shields( that what they're called??!!) ...i'm glad i kept a little bit and reworked. I changed the earwires to heat oxidized wax and then i tried to oxidize the tin. WHY WON'T IT WORK?????

but then the gold leaf i added turned all nasty and old and i had a moment of WOAH!!!!! that's AWESOME!!!! then i added another fresh strip of gold leaf to give it some contrast. MUCH better! they remind me of Medieval flags. Shields. I dunno..i love the texture though :D

i'm currently out of tin to cut up. Watch out, if i come over to your house i might go through your recycled bin and steal some stuff :D

k :D


  1. I came back to comment again on your last post and you already had a new one up.
    I thought you might like to see this blog about coloring translucent polymer clay-
    Also like what you're doing with the tin, I've been on a gilders paste a thon since I bought some at the gem show.
    Nice tins and gold!

  2. yup. gild everything. i have been. fun, fun love. <3

  3. i will try on mine too, not gold, but red, blood red!


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