Friday, March 8, 2013

new things..and spring

i've been adjusting myself to the new life post my getting laid off and quite frankly, it's a bit confusing when routine is broken. I have all this freedom to make art and in the end, it makes me feel pretty lazy.

As artists, are we really "lazy" if we don't constantly produce?

there's an extreme difference between being creative in an office 9-5 to sitting in a studio and producing stuff based on real inspiration and that artist "trance" i'm sure we all get into. With jewelry, maybe because it's so small, it's easy to just create 5 things in one sitting, then the next creative wave comes and things look different.

I want to try minimalism and limit myself. I also want to break all the rules of sterling silver and make "Weird" jewelry. The point is to make everything look intentional...not an experiment gone bad. jewelry...




brass and sterling silver look so good together



these are some medieval inspired earrings with gold leaf that i made the other day. The first set there, they have been revamped after not selling in the main shop. I think they look so much better. Got the beads from here.

Now, i'm not much of a celebrity fan. I don't care about them. BUT.,...i do LOVE my bands!!!!!!!

the other friday(gosh i can't believe it's been  a week already..) i went to see one of my all time favorite bands, the Deftones. Second time i've seen them play, and they did not disappoint. i'm a bit biased because my love and appreciation for them will most likely never fade out, but it was a great show! SO GREAT!!!

suffering from MAJOR withdrawal. My friend and i have already decided to cancel everything and go see them again next time they play. And with summer coming, the summer tours will happen and i CANNOT wait.

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