Tuesday, April 2, 2013

crop circle earrings

you know, Pintrest is my biggest time waster. Ok no...icanhascheezburger.com is.

But i love browsing the pictures and DIY on Pintrest and one time i thought i'd look up crop circles. ummm...FASCINATING!!

i don't know how many are real and how many are not. I don't know. Are they even real. At all?? Ever?

nevertheless, they are so awesome to look at. And i had the idea for the longest time to make some shield brass earrings with cut out circles.

i like how they turned out. and i love how the patina came out. Unfortunately when i applied the wax, a lot of it came off but i like it like this too.


  1. Love these! So glad I found your blog.
    My friend Lorna from Artymess blog in the UK is married to a guy whose father was responsible for some crop circles in their area. In fact she's done some fiber art pieces with that theme.
    Here's her blog, quite a wonderful artist you might enjoy too.
    If you do a search you may find some of her crop circle posts.

  2. thanks for sharing Kimberly :D

  3. i love textile art. interesting what people can do


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