Monday, April 15, 2013

i'm an artist. your rules don't apply

sometimes i have to stop myself from pulling out my hair when my parents and i interact, but then i realize that they're probably having the same reaction. Some people get lucky and have awesome parents, some parents end up with awesome children, very similar to themselves...then there's my family.....two engineers and me. An artist. I don't like structure and i don't care much for the rat race that is today's society, where you need to be told what to do, obey the government and kiss their ass like they are your saviour and i don't care for a clean cut look.

I was raised in a small house, that my grandpa rebuilt after it was bombed in WWII(i love this story...i;m so grandpa built a whole house!! by hand!!!...side note...the walls were crooked and it was awesome!)...and i was raised by my grandparents to play with mud, play with nails and hammers and knives. I was probably the only 5 year old that was running around hammering stuff and chopping stuff with knives that were as big as my arm.

These wonderful childhood memories also resulted in a lot of trips to the hospital, more often "let's make sure she's ok" rather than "OMG she's missing a limb" kind of story. I was a tough kid! A messy kid!!

My 30th bday is approaching and let me tell you, it's nothing what i imagined 30 would be when i was 10 years old. The older i get, the more childish i get. Thank goodness! To me, that's the only acceptable way to be.

For this reason is why i struggle so much to be an artist and make my living as an artist. I don't care for anything else. I don't want to live in a big house and i don't care for a lot of money. i DO like making sales, and i DO like money in my bank account, but there's no need to exceed anybody else.

So as you can imagine, my parents, being that they're the complete opposite of me, are my worst supporters.

Conversations sort of go like this
them: what are you doing today?
me: working. i had some good ideas
them: you're always in the house doing nothing wasting your life

next day. sunny.
them: what are you doing?
me:i was out for a long walk
them: wow. you never do anything. why don't you get a job like normal people?

not only that, but in my parents' mind, the way i am is extremely skewed. My mom keeps telling me to apply for movie animation and graphic design. Umm...i went to school for painting and drawing. And then for studio arts. the only reason i'm good at photography, is because i'm an artist and my pictures are pretty neat in terms of artistic creativity... and then i taught myself metalsmithing. I TAUGHT MYSELF!! i'm not amazing or anything, which my dad's jeweler friend keeps reminding me every fuckin time he sees my stuff, but i taught myself. Clearly, that's not worth anything.

i've always been the black sheep of the family and always will be. Except maybe that one cousin that moved away ....but you know, she's a different kind of black sheep.

uggghh...this ended up being such a downer post and i had such a lovely walk on the bike path. Petted 3 dogs!! THREE!!

you know normal people say "i went to a party and i met so many new people"...i say "i was outside and i got to pet so many dogs!!! it was a GREAT day!" haha. yeah...this is just me :)

so here's some pictures of new things that make me happy. Hope they make you happy too :)

fairy leafy organic shaped ring. Made from bits of sterling silver that i had that i couldn't do anything else with. Ring size 9.5 i believe

love how these came out. pyrite with resin in some tin bezel cups i made..then mounted on some tin backing. with apatite raw chunk attached to the earring stud cups that i can make for you as well if you want. Check them out here.

sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Dangly cuteness. Going for more of a classic simple earring style

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  1. Love your jewelry style, especially the earrings with pink enamel earrings bezel cups. I pinned picture of those earrings (with your name off course) on my "Jewelry Artists I Admire" board on Pinterest. Just thought you should know.


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