Saturday, April 13, 2013

my new necklace


yay...i dunno why i have to make it all caps!but i'm very excited to show this necklace.

I've been searching for mushroom coral for a long time and finally found someone who sold some and i made this awesome necklace . YAY me.


the idea was pretty much to make a piece that would a lot of found items and nature blended up into one things. I love walking through the park, or even down busy streets and look for lost "treasures" little pieces of rust or seeds or seashells. I LOVE beachcombing. It's the best thing ever to do. I wish i lived on the beach so i could beachcomb every day when i wake up.


I once traveled to Florida and the hotel was right on the beach, on the Gulf of Mexico side, where the beaches are quieter, and i went beachcombing every day. This one time i strayed way past the houses and the tide was low and went and found tons of old sand dollars on the beach.


When the tide was low, i also got to see a lot of live sand dollars and starfish and sea urchins. Coolest thing ever :)
This necklace is like a vintage collection of memories and earthly finds.  and gold leaf..........

The glass vial has seashells and pussy willow buds and crushed pyrite chips. And the other pendant has pyrite and a healing tibetan quartz point. Love! hope you love it too :)

hope you enjoy and hope it finds a home soon :)

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  1. Love your new necklace! I grew up near the coastline and have many treasures from beaches and woodland trails. I'm always looking down where I walk... you never know what you'll find.


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