Thursday, April 11, 2013

new stuff just in time for spring

....if spring would actually get here faster. I's mid April and i was expecting blooms and birds and stuff. 

i FINALLY got the trick down to make my resin cabs bubblier. It works better for me if i pour the resin up to the rim, then let it sit for a while, then i guess it hardens up so that when you pour some more, it creates a dome. Or sometimes i wait 24 hours and pour more on top. Although, you have to make another resin batch cos the one from the day before will probably be too hard to be poured.

uhh yeah so...i made these..

You can't really see it here, but i made some wire frames and put the cut outs of the Buddha and then poured the resin. Then gold leafed....with Tibetan healing crystal points


see?? it's all bubbly! ...and glittery!

the backing for these are vintage tin

now for more tea...because clearly, i think winter is never EVER leaving......


  1. Love them all! The first pair being my favorite!

  2. yeah i like how that one came out. i was going for a sort of found temple treasure feel :)
    thanks for the comment


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