Wednesday, May 15, 2013

cosmic disorder - a series of newly made magical jewelry bits

let me tell you about............unicorne tears!! Umm fanci got me addicted to these delicious handmade glass beads by LeCotillon and i want to have them all !!!!!! ALL OF THEM!!

check this out:

188 (2)
labradorite from Lyramare Rocks LOVE this shop!
pyrite from KanduBeads
060 (3)
(raw garnet from gempalace)

they're they perfect little sparkly addition to anything. Apparently i'm going through a sparkly cosmic shimmer phase. Just check out that end bead. sparkly on gray. *faint*

048 (4)

and chunky awesomeness with soft glass beads... 037 (7)

i just think it's the perfect combination

017 (5)

but wait...

ok i know, i know...i ALWAYS say this...but this batch is my FAVORITE!

i ended up getting some raw gemstones from ebeadstore and ended up with some awesome lavender purple amethyst and the colour is so pastel delicious, i might just never use another raw stone every again other than this. But no...searching a yellow shade...


(art beads made by me and amethyst from ebeadstore)

i should blog more often because i'm showing a lot of stuff...maybe too much...later on this week i'll show you the statement necklaces ...perhaps i'll finish the one i'm working on


  1. These are all really gorgeous! Love, love, love the raw gemstones! Especially the raw garnets.

  2. I do agree with Henriette...gorgeous work!

  3. And I love how you're doing those ear wires...I might have to try and copy that. ;)


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