Friday, May 24, 2013

chunky raw gemstone statement necklaces and asshole cats

cats. cats aren't for everyone people! Especially miss Princess Peanut. The spotted one. She was abandoned at the SPCA around the age of 1 and within a week of having her(6 years ago), i realized exactly why she was abandoned. She's one of THOSE cats that just think they're entitled to everything. And when i say everything, i meant EVERYTHING! Not only that, but she will tell you exactly what she thinks of you and where to go if you refuse to bow down to her. The little jerk. She's a mouthy meower. And she's got different meowing sounds too. Some are more dramatic than others.

"i'll just stand here like a jerk and watch you being dumb taking pictures. stupid human"

"hang on a sec, who are you trying to fool??!! this could be food!!"

"not food. i'll rub myself against it anyways."

"i don't usually walk on the heater, but when i do, i make sure you have your photo set up ready."

081 (2)
miss twiggy is no exception to being a jerk..

so once i balanced my camera in one hand and used my left hand to keep the cats away, i managed to take pictures of my new chunky necklaces

Time escaping
this was made from a bunch of found items and this pocket watch/necklace thing my mom insisted on buying..and well i don't wear things like that. I don't wear a watch. After it died, i took it apart mercilessly and resined a huge pyrite chunk and some quartz in it.
pretty, no?

Poem of waterfalls

tons of chunkyness.  Blue druzys and an interesting specimen of river rock that i found...somewhere..that i gold leafed and attached a broken piece of a failed jewelry bit to it.
Not sure what sort of rock it is. I'm guessing it's not because when i drilled a hole it in, it went pretty smoothly. So it's probably some petrified wood...or something that makes sense..

new things. things in progress..waiting to be made into pretty wearable art.


Went beach combing last weekend and found some good slabs of washed away wood and some glass. And i had these pretty shells displayed in my living room and took those down...screw interior design! they're too pretty to be up there...and combined the found beach stuff with crystal specimens(FINALLY got to use this spiky bastard!) and also used some vintage Kuchi bits that i oxidized. Then decided to make use of my old piercing jewelry. I miss my piercing :( but makes me happy the studs end up getting used.

to be continued.......


  1. Now that's what I call a model cat! This post made me smile. I love the spirit of your new necklaces and am loving seeing how you try so many things and obviously are experiencing some joy in the process. Fun is what it's about! And the beauty just shines on out of the pieces as a result. Keep it up!

  2. Yeah, the cats are out of control. You might need Chase the Shih Tzu to come visit.

    LOVE the Poem of waterfalls necklace.

    Beachcombing: One of my very favorite things to do..for hours on end!!


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