Wednesday, May 29, 2013

prayers for mermaids

back in the day when sailors went out to sea and families left behind would pray for them that the mermaids wouldn't drag them to the bottom of the sea...evil zombie mermaids...or maybe they prayed that they saved them and took them safely back to shore....either story is good....

Pray for us

This was pretty much constructed with beach finds, a severely worn out seashell(i'd love to know how old the seashells i find are, and where they originated from), coins, crosses and religious iconography. Oh and i used Fanci's method of using body jewelry to hold my seashell onto the driftwood and the piece of tin at the back.

Untitled Untitled

yeah i have a severe obsession with InstantKarma's Chrysocolla druzy bits they sell there. They get swiped so fast too it literally breaks my heart when i miss out on a great one. I want to live in a druzy is i can. Make myself super tiny and live there.

I mean check this one out...


across the seas
this one too is like a little prayer/shrine necklace that was made from driftwood, art beads and beach glass with a vintage portrait.

Not too sure about this. I got a bit overly excited with putting the picture behind the glass and then everything else around it wasn't really needed, but i needed to put other dangly things on it. hmm...not sure, not sure...

Roman Royalty in athens



Again, i finally got to use the epoxy putty that miss Fanci has used in her work before. And ummm it stinks. What the hell dude?! also, my amazing trips to the hardware store are never dull. I've been looking for this damn epoxy putty for a few months now. And no thanks to staff at the hardware stores. yes storeS. Because i'm convinced that i tell them what i need and in their mind they think "oh supplies...why is she getting it HERE? ...also..she's a girl, she's probably meaning to ask about something else so i'll twist it and point her to the glue". Umm no. I don't need glue.

me: i need a molding paste that dries hard and sticks
them: you need super glue.
me: no i don't but thanks i'll just look around.

But alas i finally found it. It stinks. It dries super fast, but it's ok. Would like it to dry daker, but does the trick. I used it on the back of the druzy with gold foil. And also on the seashell because the piece had this ugly plastic cab and i took that out and just used the seashell. With tons of green patina. Green patina always reminds me of rusty chains by the sea. umm........i have no idea...



  1. OH..I really like Roman Royalty - VERY cool.

    And I had to laugh at your hardware story. I've had similar (as I'm sure many of us have.) One of my favorites is when I was looking for some very tiny black tubing...I ended up in the automotive dept. of a local hardware store. When I told the guy what I was looking for, he said, "what kind of carburetor are you installing?" hehe :D

  2. thanks! it's one of my favorites. Actually i think i'm obsessed with how pretty it came out. hahah self pat on the back. :D

    lol i'm glad i'm not the only one with hardware store stories. that's what they do. they try to figure out what you want to use the product for then they try to get you to buy something else.

  3. the necklaces are simply stunning!
    your creativity is flowing..


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