Tuesday, June 4, 2013

treasures and mysterious little creatures

new things i'm working on
but wait!!! what is this marvelous little creature we have here??

I bought this little cat...royal cat thing...a Medieval princess cat...from Alchemyshop..(which has become my new favorite "found rusty things" shop...)..with the idea that i was going to use it as some sort of pendant...but NO! once i held it in my hand, I decided that it would forever be my studio mascot. I mean...it's a CAT! ...that looks like she's in charge of a little kingdom and most likely comes alive at night and poops in my flower pots. So no...it will never ever be made into anything. EVER!! MINE MINE MINE

overlooking her kingdom

"ooohh these flowers smell lovely indeed!"

sitting in the new bird's nest i found by the lake. I love bird;s nests. They are amazing. I love to see what birds drag into them to make their home. This is a Robin's nest because it has remnants of robin eggs in it.

I actually found it on the ground near the bike path so i wonder if someone took it and left it there, or if it fell. It's sad that some birds are now homeless but once the nests fall, they can't really get them back up.


  1. Definitely a keeper. That little cat is fabulous.

  2. As someone told me...some things are just meant to be kept.

  3. Cool cat indeed, I think it has to be good juju!
    Heads up I featured your headpins over at Love My Art Jewelry blog today.


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