Sunday, June 9, 2013

GIVEAWAY and specimen double ring

YAY!! free stuffs!!!!!!!!!

I'm giving away these earrings from my shop. They are one of my favorite pairs :)


They were made from reclaimed vintage tin, agate beads and orange seed beads.

. brass
. green agate beads
. brass .

3" long
2.5" long without earwires

If you want a chance to win them, just comment and will take your name into consideration for the draw. Then will post the winner on my blog. Giveaway ends June 22. Will post the winner in the next few days following that.

onto new stuff....

Things for this necklace came from AlchemyShop. All vintage found items that i paired off with a Monroe piercing jewelry with a baby blue jewel and a tiny animal jaw with teeth. Can't remember where that one came from. Been waiting for the right piece to use it with.

    For the ring, I had a bunch of bit of druzy and specimens laying around that can't really be used with a bezel and i didn't want to use resin again. 

   So i used a technique Fanci has used in her work(epoxy putty). And then i gold leafed the piece to give it more colour. This is an adjustable ring. The ring bands are sterling silver and the rest is brass with a variety of gemstone chunks and specimens.

This druzy was such a weird shape to set in a bezel. I could always make my own bezel cups to accommodate, but I needed thin enough metal sheet and the thinnest is 24ga i think. Doesn't work that well. Copper and brass don't solder well with the kind of torch i use because they conduct heat differently and the whole piece has to heat up for the solder to melt. Uhhh...yeah went a little bit into too much detail there...

i LOVE druzys!

The  "Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper silicate mineral"..."It is of secondary origin and forms in the oxidation zones of copper ore bodies."......according to wikipedia. Umm case you needed to know that lol


  1. Oh wow--those druzys are gorgeous!
    And I love how you used the jaw. Beautiful creations and space here!

  2. So much lusciousness in one post! Mmmmmm!!
    Oh, and thanks for the opportunity to win those cool earrings. Such generosity!

  3. Love the druzy and your beautiful creations!

  4. Looks like the internet ate my comment. I was sure I left one last night. Oh well.

    ANYWAY, I said I LOVE those earrings too. So cool.

    And I also said I like that double ring very much...I've been seeing a few of those on Etsy lately.

    But that big druzy is gorgeous! I like how you used the wires and metal beads...I may have to copy that. ;)

  5. it did!! it's weird cos i saw your first comment you left and now it's not there anymore :(

    welcome everybody :D

  6. I love Druzes, too. I keep meaning to look up the word Druze, because of it's own oddness.


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