Thursday, June 20, 2013

assemblage jewelry gauge plugs with body jewelry

you know...things kinda have started to get to me.'s matter what new idea you have, someone will already have come up with it before you.

I had this BRILLIANT idea to make earrings with gauge plugs instead of earwires, for people who have stretched ears, cos i think they're cool but i thought them to be a bit i made these...

...I thought it was the most brilliant GENIUS idea i've ever come up with. NOPE!!!

....when i was listing them i was looking up keywords and what do you know?? a bunch of etsy jewelry people have already made these sort of things. BRILLIANT! well...they're te same idea, not the same style. But i guess it's good to know...great minds think alike and stuff....

I made the bezel cups and set some gemstone chips in them with some leftover labret barbels in them. I might actually have to restock on those because i really like the idea. Fanciful already used this idea previously and i STOLE it (MWAHHAHAHA)...but she used them in bracelets.

......ummm i might get published in a super fancy magazine.........well by "might" i mean "definitely" because i'm reserving an ad space so my work better get in there or else. blah. advertising's like selling your kidney. I'd probably get less money for a kidney mind you. I just hope to get some exposure.

and my hair is pink...the ring's in my pic for link


this is my new photo setup.

this is some really old vintage bible i bought off etsy cos of the texture and i kinda took the covers apart and ripped everything. The black covers are from an equally old German book of songs that i also took apart. My grandpa instilled this fear of mistreating books and i felt so much guilt tearing those books apart. When i was a kid, there was a specific way to hold a book, on how to turn the pages, etc etc. One would never ever write in a book. One would not fold the sheets. One would not leave a book where it might get damaged. I used to use his old book as a photo prop but the pages keep falling out and ...from fear mostly...i thought i'd get new(old) books to abuse in my photo shoots haha

ok bye!

PS. *mumble grumble* i dislike flakey people who pretend to send money and then they never do. grrrr!!!


  1. I know! EVERYTHING has been done. I like that ring!

  2. love those earrings! lots of gaged ears here in the Portland area. (not mine!)

  3. Your's this design is stunning. Great idea to use it, it properly suits you.


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