Wednesday, June 26, 2013

giveaway winner and TONS of humidity

the giveaway winner is............




this is what she won:


i hope you enjoy wearing my earrings :)

on another note...humidity is kicking my hair's ass this month. it's like my hair has been replaced with a million neon pink dandelion fluffs. No conditioner will tame it. sadly :(
still....not complaining. I'd rather have this than a blizzard.

also...i have some new visitors..


I get to watch this little cutie and her sister until further notice and this ball of fluff is currently unnamed but i was thinking of naming her Corey Dandelion....until further notice... Cos she's so fluffy and cute.


  1. I wish you could enjoy our no humidity heat here. Sadly the air is getting infused with forest fire smoke now though. Love your little Corey! I've got my own Cory here and he's a handful ( the mister)
    Thanks for coming by my blog. It always makes me happy to see your name pop up.

  2. Congrats to cmmargaret! Very cool earrings.

    Wait, what? You have a mouse? Two mice? Is that a mouse? Oh dear. YIKES! :-O

  3. Sweet fluffy house guests. Look like fun.

  4. tank you Kimberly! i finally used your headpins by the way :D

    Lela..they're actually rats. Fancy rats. I'm watching them for my friend who ended up with a no pets allowed place to live in and well i'm looking after them :) i'm a crazy animal girl :D

    PipnMolly..they are cute aren't they? i'm gonna do a post on them soon :D

  5. Great earrings, congrats to the winner... and this sweetie is so cute! but wait a minute, I thought you had a cat!!!?!

  6. Oh my! Thanks so much! I have never won anything so fabulous! I just love those earrings! Love your lil friends too. We have two fancy rats. They make the best pets if you can get over the tail!

  7. Lucie...yes i do have a cat. My cat has been used to small tiny furry animals since she was a kitten and she has no reaction to them. Baby furry even climbed up on her :\ me at blue_lotus23(a) with your mailing address so i can mail out the earrings :)
    That's what these are. VERY fancy rats haha


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