Wednesday, July 3, 2013

new tribal earrings

These ones were made with some oyster(??) shells i found on the beach and one of them had these gray/dark cherry red tones and the other didn't so i ended up staining it a bit with alcohol inks. Can you tell which one is which? I'm actually pleased that it came out so similar because i was trying to tone down the whiteness of the plain shell.


I also used some enamel beads i made and some found beach glass that i used some epoxy on to hang a loop. And some amethyst chips.

These ones here i used components from these other earrings that didn't sell and i worked it around a bit to create a better, nice pair. There's a lot of gold leafing, and gold pen and the gold reclaimed metal bracelets that i twisted and shaped. Then i used piercing jewelry that i got from the shop.

That place is madness! they have this huge discount wall of piercing jewelry and they're all scattered and you gotta look for a long time to pair stuff up. There was a greeter guy at the door near the piercing jewelry wall and ......yes a guy working in a girl's accessories shop lol.......and i guess he must've been bored cos he asked me how many piercings i have. Why else would i buy 5 packaged of pairs in one shot? haha

Cos i gotta do this....


  1. I would have never thought of ransacking a piercing joint for components! Clever girl you are and for matching your oyster with the natural one. Mad skillz,I tell you!...and how many piercings do you have? ;)

  2. welll.....i can't take credit for that piercing idea. That was MissFanci's idea. She used banana barbels on her i chose to use the horseshoe and straight Monroe barbels in mine. So that it's not clear cheating lol

    i have 3 piercings. and 5 retired ones.

  3. Yum those oyster earrings are scrumptious. Could wear them with a long dress and flip flops

  4. great stuff! I love the longer ear wires too...I love the little oysters.

  5. I can't tell which one is hand-dyed and which oyster you found naturally dark. You are so inventive, and the story of the piercing shop guy had me laughing! Lovely work!!!


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