Thursday, July 25, 2013

pricing for craft shows while drinking beer

the awesomely brilliance that is Sparrow Salvage is pretty much giving away free information on pricing and how to successfully run a shop and make more money, information that I think is probably worth MILLIONS...but shes giving it away for free. Go check out her blog. You won't regret

And we all underprice our beautiful pieces and at the same time we all want to pay our bills and we all are afraid to hike up our prices. I'm doing a craft show this saturday and i was pricing and the rule was, drink some beer, price and alcohol won't make me shy with my prices and the rule was to not go below $40(except for pieces that i made and i thought i'm just wasting supplies...) and the next day i can't adjust the pricing. At all. No second guessing. But even so, if SparrowSalvage were to see that my prices were a bit lower for the craft show than on my site, because i fear that live customer taking a look at my tag and making a face...she would KICK MY ASS FOR SURE!!! hahaha

she's brilliant and her work is so much inspiration and brilliance. for realz!

i don't even remember the last time i blogged about what i made. Some pieces fly off the interwebz shelf and it feels like summer is so long this year. Mainly because i've been unemployed since march and for me summer started since it got warm(around april) and i've been wondering the town and socializing and making things with random pieces of the city/beach that i found on my little adventures. On almost every adventure i find some awesome rusty thing on the ground and use it in my work.

I ended up finding this key and i'm trying to get it to rust but...not going quite as planned.

My ring made it to front page a few days ago. YAY!

(the ring on the bottom)

these new things happened...

yellow druzy sterling silver ring


purple druzy ring


for this one here i smashed a geode piece...i know, sacrilege for sure!!...then made these floral tin bezels and stuck the geode druzy in it with a bit of wire and kuchi jewelry rings


so much victorian bling!!!the blingy blings seem to be very popular and i try to keep to vintage things or destash but this is my own personal destash because i was cleaning out my bin and these came from some fascinators i had made but never sold. SOOOOOOoooo earrings they are :D

068 028
raw amethyst which i looooooooveeeeee and a bunch of crystals. And some handmade art headpins with giant sparkly glitter bits inside.
109 073
then i took a break for a little bit to focus on some supplies and these necklaces just took form. That green specimen took forever to get used. I never thought i'd get a chance to make it into anything because of the weird shape but YAY!! here it is! a cosmic galaxy necklace!

and now....the BRILLIANCE that is Miss Princess Peanut :D


this is how she lounges when she's outside. She's sitting under a bush near the tool shed and she leans against the curb like that. Just watching birds and butterflies and when she sees there's food being set up on the table outside, she gets up and walks over with a very determined look on her face. But look at those fat plump paws <3 br="">


  1. The BEER formula! Why didn't I think of that. lol :D

    That pink stone ring is gorgeous!
    (Well, everything is.)

  2. This type of collection looks great with any outfit. I love the pink stone earrings a lot, those are adorable.


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