Sunday, July 28, 2013

post craft show bliss

i just want to sit here and enjoy my coffee and just enjoy the feeling of my head exploding from people appreciating my work at the craft show the other day. A lot of people stopping and looking very carefully at my pieces and saying "oooohh sparkly!" and "OMG it's a KEY!!" and "that is...woah....that is cool!!"

and i made a few sales. Compliments and appreciation is great but making sales is even better! I'm just really REALLY enjoying the buzz. I would've been happy with just one sale. Or my trade.

I TRADED something! I traded my upside down brass crosses and my green patina crop field cutout earrings for a beautiful purple long sleeve top.

ok well i'm pretty much obsessed with cropped hoodie tops. WHAT"S THAT YOU ASK?!?!

it's this awesome thing right here. Modeled by me. Cos i'm kinda awesome sometimes. Well my crazy hair definitely is! haha...RADIOACTIVE MADNESS!!!

026036 these can be bought here:

plastik Wrap handmade
that exact top is here

One of my new necklaces sold. It was awesome! it made me so happy.


This was one of my favorites. I say that about a lot of my pieces but really...i loved it. It was so magical and cosmic surreal it was fantastic! And the little KEY!! the key came from AlchemySHop..DUHH where else. Can i please just have everything in that shop?? EVERYTHING??? yes. everything!

and i also want more unicorne tears. The little glass beads there stuck on the spikey lip rings. I mean...they're friggin unicorne tears. Why would you think twice about getting some?!?!

these earrings here also sold:

What i loved about a lot of people is that they were asking how things were made and what they were and everything like that. It was fantastic.


  1. The design is fabulous and looking very amazing. The rope tied around for necklace holding is giving this apparel a perfect beautiful look.

  2. How did I miss this post?! Congrats on the show...I can tell you had a great time. :)

    And that hoodie is very cool!

  3. Awesome. Nothing beats the feeling of selling in person.
    You sure are cute all model-like and all. Don't you make some of that kind of stuff yourself too?
    You are rockin and a rollin with your creativity. Love the way Marina used your pieces!

  4. I love reading about your positive experiences, and I love your hair! That necklace is wonderful--no wonder it sold!

  5. Yes..i used to make clothes. I had to put it aside to concentrate on jewelry and supplies. I'll get back to it one day :)


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