Monday, August 5, 2013

pressure pressure ...and roman glass

Roman glass~!! ANCIENT ROMAN GLASS!! finally got my hands on a strand.

i can now safely add this to my collection of sparkly things obsession. Along with labradorite and fire opal stones. I love that it's so dainty and fragile but sooo SOOOO pretty. I had all the beads on the table and then had to pace myself. No. No. step back. Don't use them all at once.

Kinda like getting a new bag of candy after months of no candy.

work in progress
then I decided to use a tiny little bit (the pale green in the middle there) and use the last bits of my druzy rocks and create a simple dangly thing. But so unsure of the chain it's strung on. I hate chains. They're so damn boring. But the local thrift store had a bunch of them and i thought i'd make good use one way or another.

work in progress

Well...this is what i'm working on now. I made some more bezels with resin and smashed up rocks with some glitter...and another druzy...and labradorite...and some tiny bottles with sparkly things. The triangle on the right actually glows in the dark, because i was sneaky enough to pour some of that glow in the dark glitter i had. You can't see it because it looks clear in the resin, but it does indeed glow!

work in progresswork in progress
GLOWS!!...and pretty shiny thing i glued to the oxidized Kuchi coin there.

work in progressthe rope on this i issue is with the other ones.
I just haaaaate that plain chain. hate hate hate.
 And the rope wouldn't look good.....but i like the pastel tone of it. And i don't want more beads....HMMM!!!!!!111

maybe it's the size of the links in the chain that bothers me. Too thin for such a chunky piece.

anyways......... pressure to list something new in the shop...

and this too..i think it's finished...

work in progress


  1. i like the chain. very pretty piece. :)

  2. mmMMmm. Roman glass!

    I'm not convinced about the chain...seems kinda light with that gorgeous pendant. And you could be right about the link size...maybe mongo size even, eh?

  3. i think that whole piece will get reworked. just doesn't sit that well with me

  4. The colors are great, I like the designs of this body jewelry. And I love this cute pair of earrings in purple, those are adorable.

  5. Chain often looks boring because it's the wrong chain - use a bigger chain and it will compliment the size of the pendant. Also, you can 'spice up' the chain by linking beads between it like this:

    I do that pretty much to all chains because they can get boring to look at. Then I cast my eye to my personal collection of jewelry and it's all on chain! I'm weird.

  6. thanks for the idea Sparrow. my problem for my stuff is that i don't like too plain and i also don't like too busy. Some artists make the chunky chain work so well...i however haven't been successful in that area


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