Thursday, August 22, 2013


where is everybody?!?!?
why is nobody blogging?!

FIRST question: how come my blog comments don't have the "reply" like everyone else? the "reply" option shows when i read the comments on my phone... CONFUSION!!!

hehhe...i made this of my cat

miss peanut's revenge

i tend to keep Peanut off the internet because she'll ruin Grumpy Cat, Maru and lil BUb's  careers. TRUST! Princess Peanut is quite the character.

hmm so yeah...been working a lot on my supplies shop. Working on my handmade enamel charm plates.

i like the way the color came out in these
just trying on different shapes...

i went to take some headshots for my awesome friend who is amazing at modelling...he modeled the hoodies at minusthecircle.....and walking back on his street i got the pleasure of exploring one of the awesomest ...and fire/safety hazards antique shops. It was AMAZING!

The objects ranged from modern time, to war time, to the 1900s. I managed to find some cool books to use as background for my photographs but there was so much more to explore. SO MUCH! i wish i could've stayed longer. And by longer i mean all week. And move stuff around.

In this store you kind of needed 3 arms. One just for holding whatever would fall on your head from moving what you wanted to see at the bottom. I didn't take any pictures of the cool objects but i will definitely be back there. I just need to find use for all the awesomeness i saw.

there was this old...maybe 70's...suitcase that he was going to give me for $6. Had i not had my bike with me, i would've been dragging an awesome vintage suitcase after me. I want to go back there and find cool boxes for my craft show displays.

well yeah...there's not much to talk about....other than...the adventures of Miss Peanut, who will be staying with us for a week while my parents are traveling. Again.
she wouldn't have come but right before they left she had a sort of emergency trip to the vet. Emergency because she's been showing weird signs of discomfort relating to the litter box and it's been going on forever and finally i instilled the right amount of worry in my parents to take her for a check up. Soo....she's on pills.

Ever try giving a cat pills?!?! well's an adventure.....

Summer's almost done and i'm trying to make the best of what's last. Up here, once September hits, that cold fall air comes in.


IMG_3213and this is one of my rat friends that enjoys breakfast time adventure in my plants. Or as my plants call it "terror hour". She climbs on everything and i worry she'll slip and fall ...or fall on one of the sticks that hold up the plants...

oh and you know it's funny spammers...whether it's on here being sneaky or you randomly email me with newsletters i NEVER EVER signed up for...i'm not going to want to buy your stuff....ever!

thanks :D


  1. I don't have the "reply" button either... and I haven't blogged lately because.... I procrastinate or play with my new kitten! Haha!
    Very interesting enameled pieces! and Miss Peanut is so cute!

  2. I've been a guilty nonblogger lately cuz of the big wedding reception preparations and now traveling to Maine for a couple of weeks. When I started being a regular poster on Love My Art jewelry Blog twice a month it kind of took away from my posting on my own blog it seems. only so much time and subject matter floating around in my head between making things. Now I can't get my old ipad to load pics easily so I'm doing a bit of lurking. I always love to see what you are doing with your fearless approach to experimenting with techniques. Successfully I might add! Keep up the good work. I can always tell you are having fun with your creating!

  3. Lucie...a new KITTEN?!?!? i wanna see!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kittens are so cute :D

    Kim...thank you! and Maine looks like such a nice place. I'd love to visit there one day :)

  4. I wondered for MONTHS why I didn't have a reply button either and finally did some research on it. I did a blog post about adding it to mine, but the post is filled will all kinds of other bloggy info. Basically, I found this link ( and was able to fix it pretty readily. I hope it helps you too! :)

  5. Seems like everyone is on holiday. Love that you are experimenting with enamels. What cute cats!

  6. It took me like 15 minutes just to figure out how to leave this comment. My safari isn't letting me submit, so I had to download another browser. Anyway! I love the supplies you're making, especially the yellow chevron thingys—wondrous cheery color!


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