Wednesday, August 28, 2013

maybe i'm grumpy...maybe it's PMS...maybe people need to stop fucking around with a good thing

well PipnMolly has already made a post on this and i went to comment on the forums and well there are a LOT of unhappy folk about the new feedback issue on etsy.

before y'all think i'm just bitter for some reason or another...or because i'm afraid of change *eye roll*...there is a good reason why people are pissed off at the new etsy feedback change. There is NO seller protection. NONE! the buyer can be a total jerk, make a thousand orders and not pay, leave you hanging for weeks and you would have NO idea!

we share buyer annoyances amongst us and we've all had our share of the flake buyer. You know the buyer that buys and never pays, or the buyer that goes back and forth on custom changes and is still never happy.

With the new feedback you now have no idea about this. There's no more 80% feedback. You just don't know.

There was a buyer that demanded that i allow her to pay me in money order because she didn't have paypal and she really REALLY wanted one of my necklaces. So I said ok. No problem. 3 months later, i STILL have no payment. No return of emails. Nothing. Checked her feedback, she had something like 60% with past sellers saying she never pays.  Cancelled order and there was no issue of course but such a waste of time. Would've saved a lot of time to know of her bad feedback and say no sorry can't do that because you already have questionable feedback and would like a safe secure payment.

So with the new system, it'll be a lot of selling in the dark, because you never know. A lot of people don't understand or respect the fact that a lot of us on etsy are full time or trying to be and we need to pay bills. Sitting in our studios all day is not for the weak! soldering and buying silver and burning our hands and cutting our fingers is not for the weak! if this was a hobby for some of us, we'd care less about the 5 stars feedback has become.

fuck! improve keywords! improve things that NEED improving!

like i said in the forums, etsy is now offering free listings for referrals. Free listings won't get you love, listening to people's complaints will get you more shops. I feel like the people who keep making these changes don't even know if from our point of view. They don't know what it's like to deal with  shop as a full time seller.

blah whatever. just had to say what i needed to say. i seriously hope they either reconsider or it doesn't really affect things. which it will..........


  1. I learned today that not a single person working for Etsy has a business degree. Explains a great many things.

    My new shop had 100% feedback up until this week, now it has ZERO because buyer feedback counts for nothing. So I look real trustworthy now. -__-

    Fixing the way search works, adding a shipping calculator, adding more sections...these are all much more important things, but etsy doesn't give a damn about people who make one off, unique, burnt fingers and benchworker's backache. They only care about shifting huge quantities of trendy bullshit. A global sweatshop and we're all willing slaves.

  2. The people WITH business degrees are even less able to run a business that functions for
    all involved. Most middle management decisions are from those trying to look like they're doing something or from those trying to please everyone at once. I ran a successful business for
    20 years so I'm not talking out of my hat. I think Etsy is ripe for some competition. Anyone know of other online venues? I quit listing and dread getting back into it.


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