Tuesday, October 1, 2013


yes...you are still here....

well the past few weeks a lot of changes have been happening with etsy and therefore my shop had to get a facelift as well. Only to be able to stay on top of the trendy search engines and buys that are etsy.

You know what?? fine. I'll tackle your changes and sit at my desk and create thousands of simple earrings and sell them for $20....as long as i still get my tribal and metalsmith work done.

It's just my attempt to try to swim up with the stream of etsy and with that inundate my shop with randomness.

but...i finally made some assemblage jewelry brooches


Driftwood assemblage brooches with gemstone chunks and gold leafing. And Pyrite. I love pyrite. Just the right amount of sparkle.


The base is a piece of driftwood i found this summer and cut it up and paired it off with a mushroom coral piece that i also cut in half and sanded to perfectly fit with the driftwood. Then I made something like a gemstone chunk garden growth on top. Pinks and greens. And metallics with greens.

this ring was made in a seashell. I realized that i had a labradorite tumbled stone in my stash and i had to use it with this cute little seashell i had. They're sticking together with some plumber's putty and i also added some glass beads.

I used a primitive style bezel cup made from brass with sterling silver ring shank(size 7) and used some more plumber's putty cement to keep it in place and then gold leafed and oxidized.

I honestly think labradorite is the most magical stone in the world! So much awesomeness sparkles in this stone.

well that's all.

i'm getting a bunch of pretty gemstones for my supplies shop. I love gemstones. LOVE THEM!!!

very pretty agate geode slabs.

Snakeskin jasper freeform cabochon. I have another one of these and plan on getting more to make a permanent collection ring/necklace for my jewelry shop. The colours are just amazing.

that is all :D


  1. Wow, these brooches are breathtaking!! I love them!! and that ring is...I don't find the word... divine!

  2. LOVE your new work!!! And LOVE labradorite too!

    I want the stones in the top pic - sent you a convo! Thanks!

  3. THOSE BROOCHES OMG I mean everything is great (duh) but the brooches, really stepping out over the edge. Now if only that first one was about 6 foot long and I could hang it on the wall...

    And yeah I'm really starting to hate etsy lately. I think we should all leave and have our own Big Cartel sites. At least you get self-respect there, maybe it's just me but I'm starting to feel a little like an outcast on E.

  4. Hey there, gal. Miss seeing you around on the interwebs. I've been a bit absent too except for facebooking. I hope you had a lovely holiday full of creativity and joy. This is an amazing post by the way. you are on to something here! xoxox kim


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