Thursday, January 30, 2014

new year's resolution: Photograph more

I'd like my blog to feature more eyecandy. I keep going back and forth between white background and an actual photo setup. And a lot of my favorite blogs have their own substance and i'm not sure who to be inspired by. But why not stand alone?!

I used to carry my camera with me everywhere. Correction...i used to collect vintage cameras, (i have a camera from WWII time that i LOVE!) and just carry 2-3 in my bag at all times and do photo experiments. My travel bag had mostly 70% camera stuff/film and then clothing. Then i ended up getting a job as a product photographer and while taking pictures 9-5, i really didn't want to take pictures in my spare time anymore. Plus, i used film and a lot of the photo labs are closing off. Sad.

Anyway, i was dating this guy who i'd constantly have to justify instagram and flickr and Pintrest and sharing photography. It's not even about taking pictures of MYSELF..for my job as an artist now and for my etsy shops, i HAVE to take pictures. As an artist i have to maintain a certain level of transparency because people want to know what's behind the work. There's this beautiful new movement now that people want to connect with what they buy. They want to know it comes from a living person...not a factory and not a robot.

Point being, i'm not always keen on taking pictures of myself. I don't see myself as the subject of my creative mind, but i think my new year's resolution is to get back to documenting things. Everything. But in a creative artistic way. Make interesting product set ups and make everything have a story behind it.

A lot of my customers describe my work as found archaeological treasures. A wonderful lady recently said that my jewelry is like "looking through display cases at the Louvre".

maybe so...

The Louvre is one of the coolest places to visit. And i hate museums.

So obviously....HUGE compliment! therefore, would like to continue to focus on giving my work a background story.

side note...i wish my studio space was like this

..well it's not...but i've always made the decision to move out of the city. To move closer to nature and the fields and the trees and the country houses.

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  1. Georgie, I think you do great being yourself. And your photography is splendid.
    Do I see massive wood floors and high-beamed ceilings in your future studio? Oh--how I'd love that!


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