Monday, January 27, 2014

can haz model?!?

well umm yeah...been bombarding everything, all my social media outlets with this shot and new photo product shots in this theme today because the sun was shining just right and the prop boxes were bought to be made into cuffs/earrings. They're vntage English cookie boxes with AMAAAAZING embossed details.

seriously, they photograph so well as props i will need to get as much photos out of them as i can before i take the shears to them.

People of UK...just go into your attics and send me all your rusty biscuit tins please. Yes?! OK!! :D

so naturally, the mean person that i am, i woke up my little furry friend that was enjoying her mid afternoon nap and put her on my skull prop(got it from some etsy folk who own some farm and sells wool for felting) and attempted to take as many shots as i could before she got too squirmy. Yup. that was a whole 10 seconds because well...animals. If you want them to be props and look pretty, you have to work with their patience limit. Which is close to zero so i did what i could as fast as i could. no time to fix bed fur..bed hair??!!...but i'm happy with the dreamy whimsical feel of it.

now i'm gonna have to go cut up those boxes while crying because they're just so beautiful. But that just means they'll look even better as jewelry ;)


  1. I could never cut up that box! I'm sure you will make something most beautiful out of it though.
    What a sweet shot and in the hollow of the skull it looks like a ghost image of your furry friend. Did you notice that?

    1. yes i did. it's kinda nice though i think :)

  2. Your rat is beautiful! Such brilliant critters.


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