Thursday, January 16, 2014

lookit my bead!!!

my brain is way too sleepy to write a proper blog post.

that and i', not really chatty

but ...........LOOK AT MY BEAD!! :D

also...made these...

they are vintage cookie tin with victorian floral on them. and those are tiny itty bitty turquoise beads. They are the LAST earrings from the tin. NO MORE!

a lot of ladies have been loving that print and i made something around 4 pairs of earrings with this delicious victorian floral print and a cuff with gold and copper leafing. I'm getting more floral tins from England. OMG!! vintage English cookie tins! ugh! it's like i imagine they come from some old lady's attic and they held cookies in the 1900's and they gathered for tea during the war.
hahaha oh my brain...where are you running off to??

but back to THESE shield earrings...i think these ones are my favorite from this collection. Perhaps because they;re the last ones. Or perhaps it's because of the tiny turquoise beads. they're so dainty it's just ridiculously cute!


  1. Lookit is right! Looks like you got the crubbly going on already. Am I gonna hafta quit my day job?

    1. GAH!!! don't ever say that!! there's enough to go around for both of us! :D
      plus your stuff is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. I had another giant bead made and it looked like a shiny flying saucer with yellow bits sticking out and broke :( then i tried to fix it, and it broke even more :(

      yeah :(

      the crusty i learned from you off Facebook :D i loooove the crusty. it looks like roman glass almost. well...i'm gonna experiment more with green

  2. i love those earrings as well. very nice indeed!

  3. That bead is majestic, and those earrings are simply divine!


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