Wednesday, February 26, 2014

work in progress..

i'm not feeling talkative. I don't feel like blogging much. Or at all.

Essentially, i want to revamp the blog with  DIY's and recipes and tid bits and inspirational randomness that hopefully will put a smile on someone's face when they read my posts...nature photos and all that...BUT.............

i'm tired of winter. Seriously. I don't know why it seems to damn long. It feels like we've had a windchill warning every other week.

That seems like a lot. Yes. I know...#WeAreWinter but can we please be #WeAreSpring?!?! or #WeArePlus0? haha

so i made new headpins. Lookit them all shiny in the sun!

and my current work in progress. I've been focusing on a line of jewelry that i can get out there to shops but then i thought fuck it! i need to make something "different". I don't do well with "let's do what everybody else does". Plus working on this piece made me feel SO GOOD! it's almost finished. 

And i will surely blog about the big shield earrings soon Vera! ...erm..when i'm done being winter cranky and stop being crabby..

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  1. Here's hoping some sunshine heads your way soon! That piece, well. . it's AWESOME. Who likes same old, same old anyway? Not me.


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