Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunshine through the clouds

I NEED that window.

Onto this....
Been daydreaming of sun beams and flowers and colour. It's the beginning of March and it seems as though the sunshine is only a big tease of warmth....It's not really warm. At all. Not even trying to be.

I'm just so very lucky that at least the sun is out and i can get a little bit of "happy" into my photographs.

The lightbox can only go so far in terms of ambiance.

I finished the set of necklaces that i was working on last week and i finally finished them. I'm moving more towards using more beads in my necklaces, as opposed to just pendants and chains. Unless the pendant is awesome on its own. Then all bets are off.

and this is my work in progress...waiting to finish the resin on that dragonfly wing


  1. ohhhh pretties!!!! Love the work in progress!!!! and the big necklace too

  2. Can't wait to see the WIP when its done. (Did you make the coffee mug in the last pic?)


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